Hi, I’m R.S. Mitchell, a creative writer who lives in Central Virginia. Welcome to the official website for sharing my fiction, creative nonfiction, and other writings. Reviewers have called my satirical story collection Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings “hilarious” and “a fun take on serious issues affecting modern business.” My first novel, The View Finder, was published in 2018.

Sometimes life comes at you like a herd of stampeding toads, hopping all over you with countless warty little absurdities.  Think of this blog as a free public service, a self-defense course for dealing with stampeding toads.

The best way to defend yourself against a herd of stampeding toads is to throw scorn and derision at them. They like to think of themselves as being very fierce and intimidating, but when they feel ridiculed, they pout, which often slows them down long enough for you to gather what’s left of your sanity and escape.

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Warning: Reader discretion is advised for strong satire and vivid imagination, so make sure your sense of play is fully engaged at all times.