Hi, I’m R.S. Mitchell, an independent author who lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Welcome to the official website for sharing my satirical musings, serial fiction, and other writings. Sometimes life comes at you like a herd of stampeding toads, hopping all over you with countless warty little absurdities. That’s why I publish this blog–to help innocent mammals like you learn effective survival strategies, such as doing nothing more often and how to weaponize macaroni.

Reviewers have called my satirical story collection Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings “hilarious” and “a fun take on serious issues affecting modern business.” (Hey, it’s available at an awesome bargain price on Amazon.) I currently have three book-length works of fiction in development. The first two should be ready for publication in the near future. Some of my books are serialized here first. 

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