Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings

My ebook Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings answers a basic question we all face in our professional lives: How can your career have a fairy-tale ending if you don’t have a fairy godmother for a career coach?

If you’d like a full description of what the book is about, read below.


Everyone wants to find a successful career full of purpose and live happily ever. But how can you get a fairy-tale ending if you don’t have a fairy godmother for a career coach? A popular answer to this question is to read a book with a motivational title like 10 Simple Rules for Achieving Unrealistic Career Expectations Now.

Have you ever read one of those books and felt as if it was written for someone else, possibly someone who has magical powers? I have, and like most people, I didn’t have enough pixie dust to make those methods work. But Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings is based on a revolutionary new approach.

What would happen if popular career advice strategies, self-help positive-thinking methods, and business leadership principles from our world were applied to the careers of characters in fairy tales? The eight short chapters of this book provide in-depth case studies based on the lives of highly enchanted professionals. Some of the valuable career lessons include:

  • Why visionary leadership can pose a greater threat to careers than black magic does.
  • How real fairy godmothers are actually more like merciless parents obsessed with driving their children to achieve superhuman levels of vicarious awesomeness.
  • What happens when someone becomes a thought leader without any leading thoughts.
  • Why management theories often sound better than they smell.
  • How a leading heroic fairy-tale professional recovered from career burnout and found a greater sense of purpose.
  • And more!

Reader reviews are critical to getting a book seen on Amazon. As an independent writer, I have to depend on readers to give me their seal of approval. If you have time to read it, you can help by leaving an honest review. The more reviews it gets, the higher the rating the book will have in search results, which is how most readers find ebooks.

Career Secrets of Fairy Tale Endings is designed to be a short, funny read full of life-changing career lessons (at least if you happen to be a unicorn or other enchanted creature), so you won’t have to invest much time and hopefully will be rewarded with some laughs. 

Author: R.S. Mitchell

R.S. Mitchell is a writer who lives in Central Virginia. is where he shares his satirical alternate-reality take on things. He is the author of "Career Secrets of Fairy-Tale Endings" and "The View Finder."

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